General Plumbing

Does your basement routinely flood or get water during hard rains? Some companies charge tens of thousands of dollars to fix this. All of us can't afford a repair of that extent. My recommendations are fairly inexpensive.

Install a sump pit with a sump pump in the basement floor that will run to the street or to the lawn and prevent flooding. If you have a sump pump installed already, I recommend you replace the pump every 5 years if it protects any real property, such as a water heater, furnace or other appliances or finished basements. I can give you a great price on replacing sump pumps or new installations of pits, pumps and piping.

Install extensions on the down spouts for your gutter system to take rain water further away from your house. This will lessen the amount of water that runs back in through your walls.  You'll be surprised at how effective this is.  This is a simple do-it-yourself project or you can hire it done professionally.  

Replacing old floor drains in the basement floor with a drain that has a check valve will prevent sewer or gray water from backing out of the drain during heavy rains or stoppages.

We install underground water services and sewer drains. Excavation and Boring services subcontracted to the areas best professionals to assist us. Our ditch lines are notably superior.  

Troubleshooting and diagnostics is one of our specialties. Let our experience solve those plumbing issues that others have failed to repair.

Where it is new construction, remodeling, re-piping or repairs, I promise you Service You Can Trust!